Cornerstone Series™ of E-Courses on Pharmaceutical and Biotech Marketing Expands

RALEIGH, N.C. (March 10, 2011)—Pharmaceutical Institute, a leading provider of specialized training solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry and a subsidiary of Campbell Alliance, today announced the release of two new e-courses:  Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Marketing and Treatment Flow Modeling.  These are the first two of several planned additions to the Cornerstone Series™ on Pharmaceutical and Biotech Marketing—a series designed to addresses the industry’s need for foundational marketing training.

“In today’s high-pressure environment, it is vital that pharmaceutical and biotech marketing teams build a comprehensive and actionable base of marketing knowledge,” said Garry O’Grady, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Pharmaceutical Institute.  “The Cornerstone Series will continue to expand throughout 2011 to deliver training solutions essential to the value-producing decisions of marketers.”

The new releases bolster existing Cornerstone Series™ course offerings—An Introduction to Life Cycle Management, Launch Fundamentals, and New Product Commercialization—and continue to focus on topics relevant to both pipeline and in-line brand teams, as well as advanced- and novice-level marketing personnel.  New course offerings include:

  • Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Marketing
    This course provides an overview of marketing activities and players within a typical pharmaceutical company. It defines why marketing is needed and what marketers do, as well as how they interact with other internal and external stakeholders to achieve their goals. The course also discusses how marketers create promotional materials for various segments and the regulatory rules that must be followed, along with how marketers ultimately measure their success.
  • Treatment Flow Modeling
    This course explains the purpose and use of treatment flow modeling in a typical pharmaceutical company. It provides an overview of the importance of treatment flow modeling and walks through each component of a treatment flow model. The course outlines the high-level steps to developing a treatment flow model and the information a brand team can leverage during that process. It describes key research—both quantitative and qualitative—required to design and develop a treatment flow model, as well as the complexities and best practices of design. The course also covers applications of treatment flow models.

Additional Cornerstone Series™ courses prioritized for accelerated development in 2011 are:

  • Market Segmentation
  • Brand Planning
  • Market Research Methods and Application
  • Project Management for Marketers
  • Ad Agency and Vendor Partnerships
  • Developing Promotional Materials

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