New Suite of E-Courses to Improve Business Acumen for Pharmaceutical and Biotech Sales Professionals

RALEIGH, N.C. (November 17, 2010)—Pharmaceutical Institute, a leading provider of specialized training solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, today announced the addition of a new Business Acumen Suite of e-courses within its Beacon Series™ on Pharmaceutical and Biotech Sales.  The Business Acumen Suite aims to improve the effectiveness of sales professionals through an elevated understanding of key business topics that are increasingly important in the evolving selling environment.

“To remain viable, pharmaceutical and biotech companies are implementing change that fundamentally alters the traditional role of the sales representative and the front-line manager,” said Garry O’Grady, General Manager of Pharmaceutical Institute.  “The evolving sales role requires a purposeful understanding of the marketplace, customer business models, strategic decision making, and foundational finances that impact business.  High-performance selling requires an enhanced ability to analyze the business within sales geographies and develop solid plans of action.”

The Beacon Series™ on Pharmaceutical and Biotech Sales is uniquely focused on “non-traditional topics” —such as business acumen, pharmaceutical finances, and customer operations—that are at the heart of the industry’s new sales models.  The courses offered in the Business Acumen Suite include:

  • Follow the Dollar:  An Introduction to Pharmaceutical and Biotech Finances
    This module outlines relationships between major stakeholders in today’s pharmaceutical and biotech marketplace.  It explains company cash flows and develops an understanding of how it “all fits together.”
  • Follow the Dollar:  Sales Force Impact on Profit and Loss
    This module explains how pharmaceutical and biotech company decisions in the marketplace ultimately affect corporate and product P&L statements.  It highlights all major components of the P&L statement (e.g., revenue, rebates, and operating expenses) and explains how sales professionals can best impact profits.
  • Practical Frameworks for Analysis and Planning
    This module provides a framework for geographic analysis as well as a fundamental business planning process that includes opportunity and threat analysis, issue prioritization, and planning.

Additional Business Acumen Suite courses are currently in development, including What Every Sales Professional Should Know About Managed Markets Strategy.  For more information on the Beacon Series™ on Pharmaceutical and Biotech Sales, please visit

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