Pharmaceutical Institute Develops New Offering to Assess Understanding of Managed Markets Concepts  

RALEIGH, N.C. (January 25, 2010)—Pharmaceutical Institute, a leading provider of specialized training solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, today announced the launch of Managed Markets IQ™, a new offering that uses a web-based tool to assess team members’ understanding of fundamental and advanced managed markets concepts.   Managed Markets IQ™ allows companies to assess the managed markets knowledge of their commercial teams and compare those results with industry benchmarks.

Designed to complement the company’s Managed Markets Excellence™ e-course series, Managed Markets IQ™ enables front-line managers, sales leaders, and training organizations to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses in team members’ understanding of core managed markets concepts.  Working closely with the Pharmaceutical Institute, clients choose topics and questions within the knowledge categories that are most relevant to their business.  Participants are then asked a series of subjective and objective questions of varying degrees of difficulty.  The results then enable clients to identify knowledge gaps and target specific training needs. 
Topics covered include:

•    Benefit Design
•    Contacting
•    Commercial Managed Care
•    Employers
•    Federal Markets
•    Hospitals
•    Long-Term Care
•    Medicaid
•    Medicare
•    Outcomes/Comparative Effectiveness
•    Practice Management
•    Reimbursement
•    Specialty Products
•    Trade and Distribution
“With close to 80% of last year’s prescription drug expenditures in the US being managed by private and government payers, it is critical that commercial team members have a solid understanding of managed markets,” said Garry O’Grady, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Pharmaceutical Institute.  “Managed Markets IQ™ allows commercial leaders to quickly assess team members on managed markets topics that are most relevant to their selling environment, identify knowledge gaps or weakness in these areas,  and then develop customized training solutions to meet the specific needs of their team.”

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