Rolling Out a REMS
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This interactive, scenario-based course shows how to implement a REMS in a way that both meets compliance requirements and achieves the ultimate goal: the desired health outcome for a population.[Course Description] [Course Demo]

Understanding Pharma™ Series

Understanding Pharma™ is the most comprehensive introduction to the workings of the pharmaceutical and biotech industry available today. It provides an unprecedented, end-to-end perspective on the functional areas of a typical biopharmaceutical company, while showing how all of the interlocking parts of this complex enterprise work together and influence one another.

The value this expanded viewpoint brings is clear: Employees who understand not only their own function, but the responsibilities and drivers of other functions, are able to operate with a more strategic perspective and have a greater sense of value and purpose.

Understanding Pharma™:

  • Broadens the perspectives of sales representatives, increasing their ability to provide value to and differentiate themselves with customers
  • Increases employees’ effectiveness and cross-functional collaboration
  • Provides an excellent professional development resource for employees looking to advance their careers


The Understanding Pharma™ e-course series includes 10 e-course modules providing approximately 12 hours of training.

  • Introduction to the Industry
  • Discovery
  • Drug Development
  • Medical Affairs
  • Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Managed Markets
  • Manufacturing Operations
  • Trade and Distribution

Each function-specific course addresses that function’s

  • Role in fulfilling the company’s mission
  • Impact on the company’s profitability and strategic vision
  • Key activities


The recently updated 2nd edition of the Understanding Pharma™ book serves as an excellent reference and reinforcement resource for our e-courses and instructor-led workshops.

Customer Feedback

"I saw Understanding Pharma and immediately made it part of our sales force training program. Our sales reps come from a variety of career backgrounds, mostly non-pharma. With these e-courses, I am now confident that our representatives will have a broader understanding of how the industry works." —Vice President of Sales at a leading pharmaceutical company

"The Understanding Pharma e-courses have been an important training tool for our employees. After taking the e-courses, I knew that to be successful we needed to make this offering available to our entire company." —Sr. Director of Sales Training at a midsize pharmaceutical company

"This is a great resource. Learning Solutions has done an excellent job putting together such a comprehensive program—one that does not exist elsewhere in the marketplace. I wish I had this kind of resource when I started out in the industry 20 years ago." —Head of Business & Commercial Analysis at a midsize biotechnology company

Our e-courses are only available for group and corporate licenses. Pricing is based on the estimated number of users. Please contact us to learn more about incorporating Understanding Pharma™ into your corporate training program. We can also develop custom training solutions to meet your specific training needs.