Medicare: Part B
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Managed Markets Excellence: MedicareIn making treatment decisions, both physicians and their patients are likely to take into account the financial repercussions of those choices. For the elderly population, those repercussions are often closely linked to their Medicare benefits, including Medicare Part B. Sales representatives must be prepared to address uncertainties regarding the treatment cost and coverage of their company's products. This course provides insight into the practical implications of the Medicare Part B program. It is designed to help sales representatives more effectively promote products that are reimbursed under Medicare.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the characteristics of the Medicare population
  • Name the top chronic conditions of Medicare beneficiaries and the costs associated with coverage
  • Compare the products and services covered by the four key components of Medicare:  Parts A, B, C, & D
  • Describe the enrollment, eligibility, and premiums of Part B
  • Explain the types of drugs covered under Part B, and distinguish when a drug is covered under Part B vs. Part D
  • Discuss the current trends in Part B, including the proposed changes for drug pricing

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