Health Economics in Market Access: How to Use Health Economics and Outcomes Data
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As more treatment options become available and resources become more constrained, payers must make rational and informed decisions about how to best allocate resources. Payers must regularly choose between multiple treatment options.

Most payers have formal processes to determine whether a drug represents good value. To measure value, payers evaluate all types of data that reveal costs, as well as the outcomes, of a drug treatment. Based on these data – including Health Economics and Outcomes Research data – payers make decisions about which drugs will gain market access.

So, in order to position their products for success in the marketplace, people in account management roles must know how to understand and leverage this data.

This course talks about why health economics matter in today’s healthcare system, and which data and economic tools payers commonly use to determine a drug’s “value.”

After completing this course, participants will be able to: :

  • Explain why health economics is important to market access
  • Identify the costs and outcomes that are included in health economic evaluations
  • Differentiate between sources of HEOR data
  • Describe the most commonly used types of economic evaluations
  • Explain when and why each type of economic evaluation is typically used
  • Critically appraise sources of evidence

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