Electronic Health Records (EHR)
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More and more physicians are adopting Electronic Health Records (EHR) and e-prescribing systems. These systems can influence a doctor’s prescribing patterns by encouraging the use of preferred medications. If you face a barrier to patients accessing your product, what can you say to the provider to remove that barrier?

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This primer will equip sales professionals with a solid background on EHR and e-prescribing. It will discuss how to put this information into action in the field, so you can prevent and alleviate access barriers resulting from the implementation of EHRs and help ensure that your product doesn’t get lost in this electronic landscape.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain what an EHR does and why physician's use them
  • Explain e-prescribing and its impact on physicians
  • Describe how products are presented to physicians electronically through formularies, short-lists, and order sets
  • Discuss how sales professionals can apply this knowledge to their workday

Course Outline


Overview and definition

  • What is an EHR?
  • EMR vs. EHR
  • Functionality
  • Benefits to healthcare providers

Government programs encourage EHR use

  • Medicare initiatives
  • Medicaid initiatives
  • Other government initiatives
  • EHR implementation

II. E-prescribing

Overview and definition

  • What is e-prescribing?
  • Benefits and physician use
  • How e-prescribing can impact pharmaceutical products

Favorites/short-list functions

  • Overview of short-list features
  • How short-lists may impact product usage
  • How to influence placement of your product on the short-list

Order sets

  • How order sets are created
  • How order sets impact prescribing behavior
  • How to influence placement of your product in the order sets

Electronic formularies

  • Formularies
  • Prescribing products not appearing on formulary
  • E-couponing


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