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Developed in partnership with subject-matter experts from Campbell Alliance, Managed Markets Excellence® is a robust training solution that addresses the critical need for specialized training in the complex and constantly evolving managed markets environment. It includes a comprehensive e-courses series, as well as a powerful Managed Markets IQ™ knowledge assessment tool.

This series delivers foundational and advanced managed markets training for sales representatives, account managers, and other commercial professionals. Course content is continuously updated to reflect current changes in the managed markets environment.

The Managed Markets Excellence®  series includes:

The Essentials

  • Stakeholders: Commercial Landscape
  • Stakeholders: Government Payers
  • Benefit Design
  • Commercial Managed Care
  • Medicare
  • Medicare Part B
  • Medicaid

The Marketplace

  • Federal Markets: DoD and TRICARE
  • Federal Markets: VA
  • Retail Pharmacy
  • Specialty Pharmacy
  • Practice Management: Specialty Products 
  • Contracting Strategies: Health Plans and Physicians
  • Contracting Strategies: Health Plans and Manufacturers 
  • ACOs, PCMHs and IDNs: Evolving Care Delivery Models 
  • Employers
  • Reimbursement: Medical Billing and Coding
  • The Role of Quality in US Healthcare
  • Fundamentals of Care Management
  • How to Use HEOR Data

Market Drivers

  • 340B Drug Pricing Program (e-Zine)
  • Comparative Effectiveness Research
  • Electronic Health Records (e-Zine)
  • Health Insurance Exchanges (e-Zine)
  • Understanding the Implications of the Affordable Care Act
  • ICD-10 (e-Zine)

Hospital Marketplace Suite

  • Hospitals and Group Purchasing Organizations 
  • Hospital Frmulary Access
  • Hospital Demand Creation
  • Hospital Quality
  • Institutional IT Systems

Account Management Suite

  • Creating a Needs-Based Account Plan
  • Penetrating the Total Health Plan
  • Articulating a High-Impact Value Proposition
  • Engaging the C-Suite
  • Best Practices in Strategic Account Management: A Two-Part Case Study 
  • Appropriate Use
  • Market Trends and Implications (e-Zine)
  • Comparative Effectiveness Research
  • Preventive Care
  • Health Information Technology
  • Medical Loss Ratio
  • Five-Star Ratings

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Our e-courses are only available for group and corporate-wide licenses. Pricing is based on the estimated number of users. Please contact us to learn more about incorporating Managed Markets Excellence® into your corporate training program. We can also develop custom training solutions to meet your specific training needs.

Managed Markets IQ™

Managed Markets IQ™ uses a web-based tool to assess team members’ understanding of managed markets concepts, from fundamentals to advanced strategic considerations. Team members are asked to answer a series of randomized questions of varying degrees of difficulty. The results enable companies to identify knowledge gaps and target specific training needs. Managed Markets IQ™ reports individual and sales-force level results and compares those results with industry benchmarks.  The knowledge assessment provides companies with the tools they need to:

  • Assess representatives’ managed markets knowledge base and level of confidence relative to competitors 
  • Develop customized training solutions for sales forces and/or individuals 
  • Track managed markets knowledge development over time 
  • Provide front-line managers with the information they need to more effectively coach representatives in complex managed markets environments

Contact us to learn more about incorporating Managed Markets IQ™ into your corporate training program.  Click here to learn more about Learning Solutions' assessments. 

Customer Feedback

“Learning Solutions has done an excellent job of taking complex managed markets concepts and explaining them in ways that are easy to understand.” —Sr. Director of Sales Training at a leading pharmaceutical company

“The depth of content covered in Learning Solutions’s Managed Markets Excellence® e-courses far exceeds anything else available in the marketplace.” —Vice President of Managed Markets at a midsize pharmaceutical company

“Learning Solutions’s e-courses have become the gold standard for managed markets e-learning at our company.” —Director of Managed Markets Training at a top-10 pharmaceutical company