New Product Commercialization
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This course discusses the benefits of early commercialization planning and provides overviews of the functional areas involved. It reviews phases I, II, and III and outlines the key questions, major milestones, deliverables to be completed, and the go/no-go decisions that need to be made during those stages. It describes the main challenges that can arise, as well as potential scenarios that can affect planning.

After completing this e-course, participants will be able to:

  • Clearly articulate the importance of early commercialization planning
  • Identify the key activities and major milestones that need to be reached at each phase of development
  • Identify the typical functional areas within a product team and how their roles evolve as the asset progresses through each phase of development
  • Identify the appropriate time points to transition responsibilities to other teams
  • Identify typical challenges that new product planning teams face and describe ways to overcome them
  • Understand the different scenarios associated with new product commercialization and the impact they may have on planning

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