A Sales Representative's Introduction to Managed Markets
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Now more than ever managed markets access has a significant impact on the success of a product.  Sales representatives not only need to know what the formulary status is of the products in their “bag”, they also need an understanding of the key players and processes that impact that status.  

This course gives sales representatives a high-level overview of the Managed Markets function at a typical pharmaceutical or biotech company and how the group works to improve access for a company’s products.  It explores the various managed markets customer groups, as well as the key strategic decisions made by the Managed Markets function.  The course illustrates how managed markets access impacts prescriber decisions.  In addition, it gives a useful overview of the P&T committee and the factors that important group evaluates when making formulary decisions.

After completing this course, participants should be able to explain:

  • The role of the Managed Markets function within a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company
  • Discrete managed markets customer segments
  • The importance of private managed care in driving drug selection
  • Key decisions prescribers make in drug selection related to managed care
  • The key components of a managed markets strategy
  • The difference in roles between Managed Markets Sales and Managed Markets Marketing
  • The decisions Managed Markets Marketing makes when developing a strategy 
  • The role of the P&T Committee and what it considers when making formulary decisions
  • The internal stakeholders that Managed Markets works with to develop and execute their strategy and tactics

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