Field Force Compliance Suite
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Your sales force's interactions with healthcare providers are governed by a maze of laws and regulations, and failure to comply with them can lead to heavy fines, long-term reputation damage, or worse.

Field Force Compliance guides sales professionals through all applicable regulations. By engaging with interactive, realistic scenarios, reps can practice compliant behaviors without the risk of making damaging mistakes, so they are prepared to make the right decisions in the field and avoid stepping out of legal bounds or jeopardizing patient safety.

Field Force Compliance E-Courses

  • Remuneration
  • Promotional Communication
  • Sample Accountability

Field Force Compliance: Remuneration

Watch Compliance: Remuneration E-Course Demo

Prepare sales reps to handle issues involving payment to healthcare professionals—whether in the form of gifts, meals, or compensation for business services.

Topics include:

  • Items that are and are not permitted as gifts to healthcare professionals
  • Appropriate business arrangements and compensation
  • Aggregate spend
  • Sunshine Act provisions
  • Rules for tracking and reporting remuneration

Field Force Compliance: Promotional Communication

Watch Compliance: Promotional Communication E-Course Demo

Presentation of products, both spoken and written, is a highly regulated aspect of pharma marketing, sales, and promotion. This course illustrates the right way to handle potentially delicate communication scenarios during sales calls, promotional events, and medical education presentations.

Topics include:

  • Definition and importance of promotional communications regulations
  • On-label vs. off-label promotions
  • Fair and balanced communication
  • Regulations surrounding presenting and discussing written materials
  • How to handle compliance issues during peer-to-peer physician communications

Coming Soon! Field Force Compliance: Sample Accountability

Identify best practices for sample delivery, storage, and inventory management, and learn the appropriate steps for handling theft and loss.

Our e-courses are only available for group and corporate-wide licenses. Pricing is based on the estimated number of users. Please contact us to learn more about incorporating the Beacon Series™ into your corporate training program. We can also develop custom training solutions to meet your specific training needs.