A Sales Representative's Introduction to Marketing
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Sales professionals are the visible representatives of a brand to prescribers, but the Marketing team has a great deal of impact on the messages reps deliver about that brand.  For that reason, it is important that sales representatives learn what the Marketing group does and how they determine the core messages of a brand and how they will be disseminated.  

This course provides sales representatives a high-level overview of the Marketing group at a typical pharmaceutical or biotech company.  It gives them a better understanding of the role of Marketing in ensuring a product’s success from discovery and development through patent expiration.  The course explores the topics of customer and patient segmentation, key opinion leaders, promotional and non-promotional strategies, and end-of-life-cycle management.

After completing this course, participants should be able to explain:

  • The mission of the Marketing function within a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company
  • The role played by Marketing in each stage of the product life cycle
  • The questions marketers ask when segmenting customers and patients
  • Why key opinion leaders are important
  • The key elements of a promotional strategy
  • The difference between non-promotional and promotional strategies
  • The groups involved in developing and executing commercialization plans
  • How the Marketing team monitors a product’s performance after launch
  • The options for extending the profitable life of a product after its patent expires

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