Learning Solutions' team of project managers, instructional design experts, graphic designers, and subject-matter experts from Campbell Alliance partner with clients to develop e-learning solutions across a number of therapeutic areas and industry functions. View samples of these interactive and content-rich e-courses from our premier series.

Managed Markets Excellence®

Access the Knowledge You Need to Succeed in Today's Payer Dominated Marketplace. Now iPad Compatible

This series addresses the critical need for specialized training in the complex and constantly evolving managed markets environment for pharmaceutical and biologic products.

Cornerstone Series™ on Pharmaceutical and Biotech Marketing

Foundational Training for Pharmaceutical and Biotech Marketing Professionals. Now iPad Compatible

This series uniquely addresses the industry's need for standardized marketing training and covers topics relevant to both pipeline and in-line brand teams.


Beacon Series™ on Pharmaceutical and Biotech Sales

Guiding Sales Professionals Through Today's Complex Selling Environment. Now iPad Compatible

This series addresses the changing training needs of today's sales representatives and front-line managers through focusing on “non-traditional topics” such as business acumen, analysis, and planning that are at the heart of many of the industry's new sales models.

Therapeutic Area Essentials™

Address Unique Therapeutic Training Needs

Updated in 2011, this suite of therapeutic area e-courses covers diagnosis, cause, and treatment for more than 45 disease states. Core therapeutic areas covered include cardiology and metabolic disorders, gastroenterology, infections, musculoskeletal, neurology, oncology, ophthalmology, and respiratory disorders.

GxP and Regulatory Series

Information You Need to Succeed in a Highly-Regulated Development Environment

This series provides a comprehensive view of good clinical practices and regulatory guidelines within the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

Understanding Pharma™

A Comprehensive View of a Complicated Business Environment

Understanding Pharma™ provides an unprecedented, end-to-end perspective on the functional areas of a typical biopharmaceutical company, while showing how all of the interlocking parts of this complex enterprise work together and influence one another.