Custom Launch Training

Campbell Alliance and Learning Solutions collaborate to design, develop, and implement launch training programs that will prepare your sales force – and other customer-facing team members – for the rigors of product launch.  Our comprehensive programs ensure that your sales team has the knowledge and the skills to drive results from “day-one” of launch.  The detailed phases of launch training programs follow below:

Step I:  Macro Design Plan
Prior to training, we help assess your training needs, define training success, determine how to best measure results, and create a launch program that is specifically designed to meet your needs.

Step II: Distance Learning
During Stage II, the sales force acquires knowledge from a clinical and selling perspective on the new product.  Throughout this stage, there are knowledge checks and a final knowledge certification.  Programs may involve distance learning, coaching, and preceptorship.

Step III: Live Workshops
In Stage III, live training events are conducted for the sales force to transfer knowledge into action and effectively prepare the team for launch.  A manager meeting is conducted to prepare leadership for their role in the training events and the launch itself.  Certification also occurs in this stage.

Stage IV: Reinforcement
Stage IV of this program focuses on learning reinforcement.  Training during this stage leverages distance learning, coaching, and assessments to ensure that knowledge from the training events has effectively been transferred into behaviors in the field.

Stage V: Global Market Entry
In Stage V, we help you use the tools and methods used in the first country of launch to cascade training to other countries.  A Global Launch Training Toolkit and a Global Train-the-Trainer session are leveraged to ensure quality customization and implementation worldwide.

Please contact us to learn more about custom launch training programs.