Learning Solutions collaborates with subject-matter experts from leading management consulting firm Campbell Alliance to provide assessment solutions for key industry functions.  Aimed at evaluating knowledge, uncovering strengths, and pinpointing areas for improvement, these assessments assist our clients' training organizations in prioritizing training needs at the individual and organizational levels.

Account Management IQ™

In an environment increasingly shaped by health policy and cost-consciousness, commercial managed care account management teams need sufficient knowledge of emerging marketplace trends, as well as the skills required to successfully plan, penetrate, and deliver value to their accounts. 

Use the Account Management IQ™ web-based tool to:

  • Measure your team's knowledge and confidence of key account management topics and skills
  • Benchmark results against industry standards
  • Identify training opportunities to enhance account manager effectiveness


Managed Markets IQ™

Managed Markets IQ™ uses a web-based tool to assess team members’ understanding of fundamental and advanced managed markets concepts. The results enable companies to identify knowledge gaps and target specific training needs.  Managed Markets IQ™ reports individual and sales-force level results and compares those results with industry benchmarks. 

Use Managed Markets IQ™ to:

  • Assess representatives' managed markets knowledge base and level of confidence relative to competitors
  • Develop customized training solutions for sales forces and/or individuals
  • Track managed markets knowledge development over time
  • Provide front-line managers with the information they need to more effectively coach representatives in complex managed markets environments

Selling Skills Assessments and Certifications

For Representatives

In this simulation-based assessment, sales professionals deliver a selling presentation to a trained assessor playing the role of a physician in order to evaluate ability. Assessments are developed using detailed physician profiles and in-depth evaluation criteria. Results are reported at national, regional, district, and individual levels, highlighting best practices and areas of opportunity. View case study example.

For Managers

As part of this interactive assessment, managers engage in coaching interactions with sales representatives after observing the delivery of calls. The coaching interaction is observed by an assessor who is thoroughly trained to rate performance. An executive summary provides key takeaways concerning the relative strengths and areas of opportunity for the management team through a thorough analysis of assessment data.

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